SOC 42J Frontline offspring

Weaning has started and we are excited about some of our new genetics we will have to offer!




The Patenaudes

Rob, Carolyn, Riley, Julia, & Cole

A Family Affair

Our 3 kids are an integral part of both our grain and cattle operations! We have a strong family and work ethic and are committed to raising animals with top temperament,  EPD's, and performance so we can provide other cattle people with bulls that will improve their bottom line.  We all are hands on with the animals so they are used to having women, kids, men, and (not to go unmentioned) dogs/cats around making them easier to deal with!

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Rob & Carolyn Patenaude

With over 25 years both in the commercial and purebred cattle industry we are thrilled to be back in the PB business again for the 3rd year along with our eager sons!  Having purchased a large herd of exceptional cows and sires from a leading couple in the industry 3 years ago we have got a fantastic genetic base to our herd and have been adding variety to it through our AI program.  We are passionate about one of the world's finest beef cattle breeds, Charolais, and love providing excellent breeding stock for ranchers like us! 

SOC Frontline bull calf


Our Animals

We have a variety of colours - white, tan, or red!   

We sell only by private treaty but enjoy this more personal, low pressure, take your time way of doing business. 

You can't beat the experience of being able to walk a seller's bull pens, see first hand the management practices,

check out other related animals, and have time to ask questions (perhaps over a cup of coffee or a cold beer)!

H Heifers
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